Why is the discount not applied to my item(s)? 
Existing sales items and bundles do not qualify for additional discounts. If your item is not a sale item and was purchased within the sale period, please provide us with your Order# and we’ll be happy to refund the remainder after discount. 

Why does my plant look different from the website?

All our plants will have differences in shape, color and size. We do our best to portray our plants as accurately as possible. 


Will my plant come potted?

Yes, all our plants are potted in plastic pots using TreeThatGrew's substrate unless stated otherwise.


Can I return or refund my plant purchase?

We do not accept refunds for our live plants.


What should I do once I receive my plant?

Maintain usual watering and care. We suggest letting your plant adjust to its new environment before repotting to your desired pot. Our plants are acclimatized to Singapore's climate before they are deemed ready for sale.


My plant is not doing well after receiving the plant. What should I do?

Plants need some time to adjust to a new environment. You should monitor the moisture of the soil and take note of any changes to its leaves. You can email us at treethatgrew@gmail.com or drop us a message at 9666 5656 for any questions relating to your purchase.