Anthurium regale [04] 34cm

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This Peruvian beauty can grow up to 120cm long and 90cm wide indoors if well cared for. The Anthurium regale is often confused with the Anthurium magnificum due to their large size and striking white veins, but the former is considered to be more stunning and known to be one of the most beautiful Anthuriums! 


  • Heavy-veined, dark velvety green leaves
  • Total 2 leaves, largest leaf measuring 34cm! 
  • Potted in TTG's sphagnum aroid mix.

Care Tips

  • This plant requires medium to bright indirect sunlight.
  • High humidity of between 70% - 80% suits them best. 
  • Water when first inch of substrate is dry.
  • Do not let the plant dry out completely