HB-101 Plant Vitalizer (1Ltr)

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HB-101 is an all-purpose natural plant vitaliser that is highly effective for use in growing all kinds of plants.

100% natural and organic. Ready to Spray!

HB-101 is a nutrient for plants all by itself Made from the essences of cedars, pines, Japanese cypress, and plantains, HB-101 works by itself as a nutrient for plants. Essentially it is to plants what a body fluid is to animals. Body fluid contains all the nutrients that animals need, and is an essential substance for building and maintaining cells, immune systems, the overall anatomy, etc. With HB-101, plants will become healthier and stronger following natural laws and will be able to achieve healthy growth and protect themselves from their enemies.

HB-101 All-Purpose Natural Plant Vitaliser

  1. A safe and harmless nutrient that is perfect for organic and reduced-chemical cultivation! HB-101 is a natural plant vitaliser effective for growing various kinds of plants and is made from essences of such long-lived trees as cedars, Japanese cypress, and pines as well as from plantains (a well-known medical herb). Safe and harmless, HB-101 is perfect for organic and reduced-chemical cultivation.
  2. Can be used for growing all kinds of plants! HB-101 can be used to good effect by anybody who enjoys growing virtually any kind of plant, from farmers and farm business operators to kitchen gardeners, horticulturists, and garden hobbyists. It is so easy to use! All you have to do is dilute it with water and then spray it on the plants.
  3. Reduce coats with bigger harvests! If you use HB-101, you will achieve larger harvests, which adds up to an overall reduction of growing costs. Ingredients: Extracts from cedar, cypress, pine and plantain

Application directions:

Spray directly on plants once every 2-3 weeks. No further dilution is required!